Canelo vs Plant Boxing Preview and Predictions

The upcoming bout, which involves Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant, is going to be amazing since it is set for the four-belt unification.

The officials of the bout had announced the fight, which will take place in November in Las Vegas. In the upcoming bout, Canelo is going to add another record to history in his attempt to become the great champion who takes all titles.

Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant

Both fighters will meet at 168 pounds for a fight.

They will unify the supper middleweight titles for good.

Alvarez just recently added his WBO title to his belt collection back in May after overcoming Billy Joe Saunders in the eighth round.

The moment of truth happened in Texas. Right after his victory, he would set the next bout to trade fists with Plant. Actually, it is interesting to know that he had discussed it before.

The insiders also claimed that he even discussed the topic long before fighting Saunders. The main goal here is to take down the Plant’s IBF title. If he nails it, he will become the undisputed champion at 168 pounds.

The plant also responded well to the plan. Therefore, it is so sensible that both proceeded with the agenda to make the fight happen. Plan won the title back in 2019 after winning over Jose Uzcategui in an anonymous decision. After winning the title, Plant’s title has been there since he dominated his opponents.

Alvarez comes out as the favorite here with numerous records of winning via KO. But the excellent record of plants is highly considerable. It is sensible that the fighter could have a great chance to maintain his phase to be the champion.

Alvarez is probably the most flexible figure in the class. He has been between different weight classes in large scale bouts. There are different weight classes which have been relevant to Alvarez. He actually made a significant movement after winning against Sergey Kovalev and marked himself as the 2019 Knockout of the Year.

There should be a terrifying potential as he collected the titles from time to time. And it should be a burden for his opponent.

Caleb Plant downplays Alvarez. Plant himself believes that he is a better fighter than Alvarez.

The experience gap might be a challenging factor for Plant. But let’s not forget about the excellent record that he has with KO. Plant definitely had the set of skills needed to beat a high-profile champion. As cited by the mass media, he stated that he would win the fight regardless of whether the opponent was number one in the world.

He would show why experience does not really matter in their undisputed title clash.

The plant is so assured that the experience will not count for much. And he warned Alvarez that he was not actually the better fighter in the upcoming title clash.

While Alvarez is confident in taking the next title in his collection, Plant is doing so. Plant is highly confident he can dethrone Canelo Alvarez for good.

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